18 years experience marquee tent manufacturer China


Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for 18 years, which is mainly engaged in design, manufacture, sales and rental of high- quality aluminum clear span structure tent systems. After the trials and hardships for almost 20 years, Liri Tent became the biggest company in Chinese tent industry till 2014 with total assets of 120 million Yuan and nearly 500 employees.

Established in 1997, with its self-developed aluminum-PVC tent structuresystems and right of self-run export, Liri Tent has exported tents throughout the world including developed countries and areas. In 2002, the self- developed big tent series from Liri Tent were first showed in Canton Fair. With its advanced technology of designing and manufacturing, the domestic and overseas sales performance improved rapidly, which ensured the company’s rapid and stable development, technology improvement and bigger production scale. In 2006, 20 million Yuan was invested to purchase an industrial land of 30,000m2 and build a factory covering 18,000m2 in Xinqing Science & Technology Industrial Park, Doumen, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. Ten years later, Beijing and Guangzhou Branches were established in 2012. To satisfy the growing production demands, in 2014 Liri Tent purchased 70,000m2 industrial land for expansion, and planned to complete the construction of 27,000m2 new factory buildings in two years. Since then, Liri Tent will be the largest tent manufacturer in the world with 100,000m2 factory area.

As the pioneer in the tent industry, Liri Tent always keeps advancing with the times and leadership of the tent industry. It has passed the accreditation of ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Management Systems in 2006. Base on pursuing the satisfaction of customers and aiming at innovation, Liri Tent introduced advanced ERP system in 2008 to form an integrated management system of material resources, human resources, financial resources and information resources, therefore, efficiencies from production to sales has been increased greatly. In 2013, to manage every piece of goods more effectively and scientifically, Liri Tent introduced bar code management system. With this system, combining the barcode technology and information processing technology,  Liri Tent ensures the accuracy and rationality of inventory, and customers can track whole process from production to sale.


With superior production techniques, Liri Tent also became the pioneer to apply CNC machines, achieving the automatic drilling of tent aluminum structures and automatic cutting of PVC fabrics, which ensures higher accuracy and quality of manufacturing. Furthermore, Liri Tent is the unique factory in China who imported automatic washing machine from Germany, achieving automatic washing for PVC fabrics. The applications of those advanced equipments reduce the labor intensity and improve production efficiency.


Liri tents are modular structures which adopt hard pressed extruded aluminum and PVC fabrics, with span width range from 3m to 80m. In appearance, there are multiple designs and shapes, such as A shapes, high peak conversions, dome shapes, curved shape, polygon and so on. Liri engineering team is professional and innovative, and masters core technologies in tent industry and has obtained over 10 utility model patents, and become one of high-technology enterprise supported by nation in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, which is under examination and approved. With this professional and innovative engineering team, Liri Tent has gradually developed curve tent series, dome tent series, multi-sides tent series, polygon tent series, cube structure tent series and double decker series and so on.

Among them, Liri “Double Decker Tent for Outdoor Events” has been rewarded as the “Innovative Product of 2013 ” by “GMC•Innovation China” committee; Liri “Mobile Temporary Building—Outdoor Decagonal Tent” has received the Excellent Prize of “Beauty of Made in China 2013” Nearly two decades, Liri Tent with its high-quality and safe tent products as well as efficient, flexible and diversified services had won great compliments from customers. Liri Tent products have been exported to over 100 countries and regions. And Liri Tent has maintained the leading position in tent exporting for 18 consecutive years and keeping stable 25% annual increase in the tent-sale performance. Liri tent products are widely used in exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, weddings, events, warehouses, temporary workshops, military and so on. As a national leader in China Aluminum tent industry, Liri Tent has been doing two main businesses—tent selling and tent rental, and has obtained over 30% domestic tent market share. Liri Tent has been the exclusive supplier or sponsor of numerous domestic and international events, including:

2002-2014 China Import and Export Fair (50,000sqm tents every session)
1998-2014 China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (20,000sqm tents every session)
2010 Tent for concert in Columbia (60m wide large span tent)
2010 Supplier and Sponsor for Guangzhou Asian Games (40,000sqm tents)
2010 Exclusive Tent Supplier for Omar 40th Anniversary of National Day (35,000sqm tents)
2011 Tent Supplier for Le Mans Grand Prix (15,000sqm tents)
2011 Designated Tent Supplier for Shenzhen Universiade Games (30,000sqm tents)
2012 Tent Supplier for South Africa ANC Party 100 Year Celebration (50m wide large tent)
2013-2014 Officially Designated Tent Supplier and Sponsor for China Grand Rally
2013-2014 Tent Supplier and Sponsor for China Cup International Regatta
2013 Warehouse Tent for Abu Dhabi International Sea Port (55m wide tent, 50,000sqm)
2014 Tent Supplier and Sponsor for China Open tennis tournament (30x110m flat thermo roof double decker tent)

2014 China Tour Hong Kong Jockey Club Cup Guangzhou Final (double decker tent, stable tent)

18 years’ journey through thick and thin, Liri Tent has built the business philosophy of honesty, mutual-benefit, reform and innovation, scientific development. The persistent aim of Liri Tent is to provide more abundant and high-quality tent products, to create more valuation for society and to provide a broader platform for the growth of our employees. Liri people will devote more enthusiasm and adopt more standardized management, more distinguishing corporate culture and a more prudent strategic planning to achieve more rapid and harmonious development of Liri Tent.

The 18-years is bound to be a milestone for Liri Tent, during which we have achieved great success; 2015, a new starting point for Liri Tent, but we have already seen hopes not far away. “Day and night double my life; however high, I will fly”, so bold, so ambitious, every Liri people has no reason not to believe that there will be numerous 18-years awaiting us ahead.


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