2016 Hajj Tent For Sale Manufacturer China Supply

2016 Hajj Tent For Sale Manufacturer China Supply

LIRI TENT – The 2016 Hajj Tent For Sale Manufacturer is:
1. First-class quality tents manufacturer with certified materials.
2. A wide range of tents with width from 3m to 80m with all kinds of complementary elements, decorative solutions for tents and canopies.
3. Customised tents solution too meet all kinds of demands.
4. Modular structures, the ability to quickly increase construction and to the desired volume.
5. Availability of technical documentation and certificates for all structures: construction calculation,wind load, snow load,ISO, certificate of fire retardant and ect.

1.ISO 9001:2008 quality control standard
2.Exclusive Tent Supplier for international sports games like the Asian Games 2011, Shenzhen Universiade, Canton Fair since 2003
3. China Association for Exhibition Centers
4. Proud member of worldwide industry associations like industrial fabrics association inernational pround member, the American Rental association,and Mid-A tlantic tent renters association
5. Fabric test report—Flame retardant (American Standard)
6.Lining fabric test report flame retardant—(American Standard)
7. Certificate aluminum (American Standard)
8. Certificate of Adequacy for Design of Temporary Structures(wind load)(Australia Standard & America standard)
9. Calculation report ( Australia Standard & America standard )

LIRI tent factory

The main tent series from the hajj tent manufacturer – Liri Tent:

The clear span of our tents is from 3m to 80m and available in A shapes, dome shapes, square pagoda shapes, gazebo tent, arcum shape tent, curve shape tent, double decker structure, high peak conversions, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal and more. We have the perfect temporary or permanent space solutions for all your outdoor events.

Liri Tent Series

The different functions for the hajj event tent from Liri Tent:

Widely used as wedding marquee tent, event tent, party tent, festival tent, racing tent, sports tent, outdoor exhibition tent, trade show tent, warehouse tent, storage tent, outdoor activity marquee tent, and tent hire business, event design business, military solution, temporary warehouse and workshop etc.


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