Marquee Tents for Sale

20x40m Big Clear Span Party Marquee Church Tent

20mx40m Clear Span Church Tent

It is known that aluminum clear span tent is widely used for outdoor weddings and parties.
Actually in some countries it’s becoming more and more popular to use maquee tents for church
events, the classical white tent is a symbol of purity, and most people would put on the clear
PVC windows, which is also called church window, to make the marquee tent looks more sacred.
According to our experiences, a 20x40m big clear span party marquee church tent will be able to
hold maximum 1500 people for church events. There will be a stage at the front, lights will be
hanging on the roof beams, air-conditioners will also be set inside the tent.

The big outdoor clear span party marquee and church tent are a good choice for your outdoor party
and event.

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