20x85m Frame Marquee Tents For Car Show

Recent years have seen global automotive brands significantly accelerate the pace of new model launches. For the marketing and promotion of new models, brands have extremely high requirements for billboards, arches, tents, signposts, and floor stickers outside the venues. All the elements inside the venue echo the brand marketing scene to create a powerful effect and ensure a comprehensive display of the new models.

We customized two 20*85m frame tents for Mercedes-Benz with 8m ceiling height and nearly 3000 square meters of space. The whole event area covers several areas such as the exhibition area, experience area, negotiation area, release area, bar, and working area. The frame marquee tent without pillars can accommodate nearly 1,000 people.

The brand customized double-layer scaffolding, launch furniture, bar, and hundreds of other pieces of furniture to arrange the whole tent into an integrated exhibition space. Back-to-back rows of light stand lined with dense spotlights created a cool and youthful atmosphere that just overlapped with the positioning and crowd of the new model.

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