Clear Tent for Wedding&Reception

Clear Tent for Wedding&Reception

There’s nothing quite like a wedding  in a tent, with its uniquely informal atmosphere, customized decor and proximity to the elements outdoors.

Weddings and receptions with an outdoor component are incredibly popular in the warm months, with a tent  for such events considering the fickleness of nature. And, with larger, more sophisticated tent structures boasting such comforts as built-in heating, tent receptions are even taking hold in the colder seasons as well.

Yet tents are so much more than simply shelter. With the naturally soft light created by their white walls and the often-creative lighting schemes within, mos t people  tend to love tent receptions for their natural intimacy, picture-friendly conditions and creative possibilities.marquee for hotel (15)

One of the nicest things about wedding&receptions in a tent  is the creative possibilities they enable. Unlike the typical reception hall, a tent is indeed like a blank slate upon which you can build your own world, creating exactly the atmosphere you desire for your grand celebration. This not only makes your wedding&reception more memorable for you and your guests, but also makes possible a unique and powerful set of visual elements that will translate to beautiful photographic memories.

And another reason to do wedding&receptions in a tent is because of those creative freedoms. For example, you could probably spent $20,000 on decorations alone and then get it dome beautifully and elegantly  with white lights, flowers were everywhere, and  a dance floor.

What’s great about it is that you pretty much have a blank canvas and you can do anything. You don’t have to consider the decor of a hotel ballroom, which might be a completely different style than what you want to do.

Wedding Marquee Tent From Liri (38)

It is also true that you may be  horrified when  first saw the tent that was to hold her reception, simply because it was completely bare. But  it is possible to decorate in such a way that “when you’re finished [you are not] aware of the tent in any way. A lot of brides have done creative things to fill that space…[such as] lots of greenery…banzai trees, and more-so than in any reception hall, they have a lot more latitude to create a specific feel.”

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