Garden Shelter Popular Pagoda High Peak Tent for Outdoor Party

pagoda tent 2(Peggy-Liri Tent)

Popular Pagoda High Peak Tent, also called Chinese hat marquee, high peak gazebo tent, is perfect for party reception, hajj tent, Ramadan, etc. With its classic high-peaked appearance first-class materials and finishing quality, the Liri Popular Pagoda High Peak Tent is a very popular home and abroad. Alone or in an ensemble, it offers an attractive tent architecture for a multitude of uses.

Popular Pagoda High Peak Tent is an extremely weather-resistant and great solution For wedding /party/ festival celebrations/catering/car shade/outdoor activities.

Liri Pagoda Tents offer you a romantic wilderness experience with its elegant, functional, and individual features. Liri Pagoda has all sizes available 3×3m,4×4,5×5,6×6,8×8,10×10m…And it can be assembled in too many shapes by the rain gutter.




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