Glass Walls For Tents

Glass wall tents are often used for high-end weddings or special exhibitions, as the glass curtain wall makes the tent shape more beautiful.

Glass Walls For Marquee Tent Features

1, light transmittance: glass curtain wall used in the glass tent has no other shade except for the border. Sunlight can shine directly into the inside of the tent. Due to the characteristics of glass, it looks like a castle from a distance.

2, thermal insulation. The thermal insulation performance of glass walls far exceeds that of ordinary tarpaulin. It is suitable for outdoor use in winter. Therefore, a few customers will choose it as a greenhouse tent.

3, long service life: glass tent has a longer service life in an open-air environment.

4, aesthetics: glass curtain wall with an internal lighting effect is more beautiful.

In use, with some glass accessories, such as glass doors, and glass walls, the use of glass accessories relatively more, before the combination of the glass curtain wall tent.

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