High Classic Exhibition Tent,Shining Cars Luxury Auto Show

Golden October,the auto shows and car exhibitions are held all over China in full swing. These exhibitions glutted the fans eyes and satisfy their craving.    And now,heres the thing,how to solve the space for the car show is a big problem. Obviously,there is no room to meet the flexibility of the auto show and a huge crowed. If moved it to outdoor,it is no doubt that it will be exposed  to wind and rain and sun. It is no good to both the cars and human. Thus exhibition tent is the best choose,100% of the interior space can not only save space but also save cost.

Liri exhibition includes Pagoda tent,Big Tent,Curved Tent,Arcum Tent and so on. A tent can show the noble identity of a luxury car. The clear span big tent from 10m to 60m,includes 6 types of tents,which can meet the demand of various size of the site. Arcum Tent and Curved Tents with unique model,graceful appearance and a unique interior design,is the best partner of the luxury car show.  www.marqueetentsforsale.com

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