hot sale white party tent for romantic wedding or event

Do you want to find a white party tent for romantic wedding party or temporary conference shelter? 

Maybe this white party tent 12m is your best choose! This white party tent  is used for this NPT12m tent. It’s a special idea, it looks elegant and attractive with the green grass.

1. Attached photo shows the most popular white party tent, It’s original from Liri Tent, which is verified! It can contain about 300 or more people.

2. The white party tent clear-span width is 12m. Sizes 3m, 4, 5m or more are available. The clear span width of our tents is From 3m to 60m and the length is unlimited. We can design most suitable tent to you according to your special requirement.
For details, pls refer to below chart:

Model Clear span Length Bay Eave


Ridge height Longest component Minimum tent length
NPT3/260 3m unlimited 3m 2.6m 3.16m 3.5m 6m
NPT4/260 4m unlimited 3m 2.6m 3.35m 4.1m 6m
NPT5/260 5M unlimited 3m 2.6m 3.52m 5.1m 6m
NPT6/260 6m unlimited 3m 2.6m 3.71m 3.5m 6m
NPT8/260 8m unlimited 3m 2.6m 4.05m 4.25m 6m
NPT9/260 9M unlimited 3m 2.6m 4.24m 4.8m 6m
NPT10/260 10M unlimited 3m 2.6m 4.4m 5.32m 6m
NPT12/260 12M unlimited 3m 2.6m 4.76m 3.2m 6m

Main frame profile size for NPT series: 100x48x3mm
Wind load:80km/h

Minimum tent length: In order to reach the designed wind load and make sure the tent is safety, pls set up the tent with the required minimum tent length.
4. The white party tent 12m technical data design:

5. Materials of the white party tent:

5.1 Frame uses hard pressed extruded aluminium 6061/T6 (13HW).

5.2 The fabric is double PVC-coated polyester textile. It is high quality at waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, UV resistant.

5.3.Color available:  white, red, yellow, blue, green, black, grey, transparent etc

6 Features & Specification of this white party tent

6.1 Allowed temperature condition: -30 degree Celsius~+70 degree Celsius
6.2 Wind load: max. 80km/h (can be reinforced),The security and variability of our products have reached the standard of similar products in Europe.
6.3 Snow loading: 75kg/sqm (snow can’t stay if use big degree roof design)
6.4 Easy to be assembled and dismantled, removable.
6.5 No pole inside, 100% room is available
6.6 Sizes can be customized (like side/leg height)

7. Products certificate of the white party tent 12m: 

Fabric: test reports for the fire retardant, standards:  NFPA701,CFM & DIN4102 B1/M2 ;Structure safety: certificates by the registered engineers in the U.S.A & Australia.

If the customers need above certificates copy, pls feel free to contact with Liri Tent Technology. We will not show them on the website to avoid copy.

8. Application of the white party tent: 

Widely used as wedding marquee tent, event tent, party tent, festival tent, racing tent, sports tent, outdoor exhibition tent, tradeshow tent, warehouse tent, storage tent, outdoor activity marquee tent, and tent hire business, event design business, military solution, temporary warehouse and workshop etc.

9. The white party tent 12m accessaries:

wooden floor, glass door, glass wall, glass window, ABS hard wall, steel sandwich wall, ground anchors, anchor puller, weight plate, sidewalls with PVC-clear window, rain gutters, decoration ceilings and inside curtain, ramp, transport rack.

10. If the white party tent structure at detail:

11. The white party tent 12m fixing solutions:

12. High quality white party tent supplier – Liri Tent successful cases:

13. White party tent packing information:

14.The picture of the white party tent manufacturer factory, it looks energetic, strong manufacture capacity and make you proud of your favourite white party tent, as well as our factory and Liri Tent from China.

15. Contact Information about the white party tent manufacturer:

Room No. 902, 9th Floor, Jiangwan Business Center, No. 298 Yanjiang Zhong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Direct: +86-020-83282425
Fax: +86-020-83282425
Mobile: +86-188 1865 0992
Skype: liritent82

16. For more information, please feel free to contact:
Website:  or

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