LIRI New design Half Sphere Tent



LIRI TENT always look for Modern and unique ideas to satisfy its client’s needs and requirements, that why we launched our newly Half Sphere Tent,

targeting different community groups. The structures is very durable to satisfy our clients’ needs and outdoor requirements such as VIP lounges or events ,

and also can be used in gardens and small concerts and lots of other uses such as a unique entrance to any of our bigger structures this solutions have always

pleased our customers’ needs for the mass celebrations . The Galaxy hall characteristics allows multiple diameters and up to 30 Meters according to the customer’s

need and aside heights that can reaching up to 15 meters without any center columns , in addition to several options aspects of both PVC and glass. With the

availability of several options for linings to give the hall the best final interior look.




LIRI TENT offers a wide range of wooden and aluminum doors, and wood flooring supported with aluminum profiles and many other options. The color options

of the mobile halls are several and in many degrees in addition to options for carpets and rugs and Options extensive lighting.




At LIRI TENT the client is very important and considered as our lifetime partner, for that we have a powerful customer service department with the most

qualified staff to receive your inquiries and complaints and act on them effectively and proactively, we will be always at your service happy to assist you and

help you succeed.

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