Looking at Marquees For Sale?

If you’re looking at marquees for sale here is a helpful guide to help you make the right decision regarding your purchase. If you only have the occasional large event, then hiring can be the best option. But for companies wanting to make their mark, and increase their branding with an outside covering that has their logo on it, or for groups who need to use one on a regular basis, there are large benefits to owning your own so it’s ready for any event or festival when required.

It might be tempting to buy a cheap, generic marquee that comes at a smaller initial cost, but like anything, putting in a little extra right at the beginning can save you thousands in the long run. To begin with, purchasing from a company that manufactures them means you can ask about the colours they use and whether you can order a specific size. They’ll come with full after sales support including how to put it up, how to care for it and how to store it. If there are issues with any parts, you’ll also be able to track replacement parts down, without having to purchase a whole, brand new one.


When selecting the right one out of all the marquees for sale, consider who in your team will be responsible for putting it up each time. Will you have a crew who knows how it works, or will this need to be contracted out every time you use it? You’ll want a fabric that is strong and suitable for the four seasons in one day that New Zealand is famous for, from sun and rain protection, to strength against high winds. Also ask how the fabric has been designed to protect against fire, and whether it’s safe to use electrical appliances underneath it.

Ask how easy it is to change the style so that you can have it as just a roof covering, or as a one, two, three or four sided tent.

With a solid and robust frame, and fabric that will not tear easily, you’ll have a resource for your company that will work out to be cost effective and an excellent investment in the building of your brand. The company should be able to also help you with ideas of what furniture and supplies you’ll need within it, and how best to secure these so you have everything you need, no matter the occasion.

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