Movable Sphere Circus Marquee For Sale

Sphere circus marquee called the “space is strongest, the most light in weight, the design of the most effective.”Using the rigid and stable structure, can temporarily

suspended lighting and sound equipment to decorate and fill your space.


Sphere circus marquee by specially made for high strength steel, galvanized or paint surface, tent for PVC tarpaulin, can form a complete set of glass door, size diameter
can be 5m, 6.3m, 8m, 9.5m,12m, 14m, 19m, 25m, 30m. So that you can choose the size according to your need. The circus marque are available in a variety of options for

configuration, its function and use more powerful.For example: air conditioning, floor, ceiling interior, glass doors, transparent tarpaulins and wall cloth, etc.


Sphere circus marquee  for your special events for creating perfect solution, widely used in various large-scale exhibition, celebration, outdoor activities.Its unique and

beautiful modelling, changeful tarpaulin design style makes this product advocating high quality, the first choice for high-end users to reveal their charm brand.


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