Outdoor White Aluminium Wedding Marquee Tent Set Up On Grass

If you are looking for a new wedding venue, we have excellent quality aluminium frame canopy tents from China that would be perfect for outdoor weddings.

The case study wedding frame tent is made of aluminium, which is light and easy to fold overall, thus saving costs during transportation. One of the features of the lightweight is that it can be set up and taken down multiple times. This allows this wedding canopy tent to be easily moved to another location and then continue with a different event.

Over 400 square metres of floor space can make it perfect as an indoor tent for backyard outdoor weddings, garden parties, beer and music parties. the A-frame roof tent can accommodate up to 50 people seated or 2000 people at a time. The Shelter Canopy Tent is a clear-span tent with an A-frame roof. Our small selection of frame spans are available in widths of 3m/4m/5m/6m/8m/9m/10m/12m/15m and even more. The most popular sizes are 12 x 24m, 10 x 20m and 15 x 30m.

Our small marquees are perfect for your larger parties, including catering, receptions, festive ceremonies, luncheons, banquets and even evening disco balls. We have provided countless customers with our small marquees to celebrate a variety of special occasions, often birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, children’s parties, proms and more. As there are no poles inside the tent, you can make the most of the space inside.

To better serve the engagement, accessories and fittings should never be put aside, air conditioning and ventilators must keep the interior space airy, flooring and carpets should make the whole structure clean, and tables, chairs and sofas should have served well in terms of accommodation and catering.

There is usually a concern about the quality of the product, to remove these concerns we have an experienced team of builders for installation and we offer a long-term guarantee on our outdoor wedding venues so that nothing goes wrong with our products.

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