Big Sports Shade Tents For Sale

60x35m sports shade marquee tents

Based on the safety and reliability of the clear span tents, it becomes easy and fast to hold a temporary event in the city. Liri tents offer shade-type large tents that can be used for all outdoor occasions such as basketball games, conferences, celebrations, wedding receptions, etc. The efficient way to do it is to rent a clear span tent because of its low cost and no size limitation. From 10m to 100m, depending on the venue to make the tent. The cost is only one-tenth of the cost of purchasing a tent.

The street basketball tournament tents are all provided by Liri tents, covering an area of nearly 2000 square meters. It is the most beautiful and safe series of big tents in the market at present. It includes the lounge, equipment and equipment room, security room, medical room, and other functions.

We know structure, and have 25 years of experience in producing clear span marquee tents and box tents and have successfully exported all over the world. Liri tents provide tent solutions for many sports event projects, providing all kinds of tents for domestic and international sports events.

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