high peak tent

high peak tent marquee for outdoor event manufacturer

Do you want to find a high peak tent marquee for outdoor event, romantic wedding party or temporary conference shelter?  Maybe this high peak tent 8m is your best choose! This high peak tent is used this NPT8m tent. It's a special design, it looks elegant and attractive with the green grass. 1. Attached photo shows the special design shelter marquee, It has for ways for entrance or exit and it's original from Liri Tent, which is verified! It can contain about 300 or more people. 2. The high peak tent clear-span width is 8m. Sizes 3m, 4, 5m or more are available. The clear span width o...
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Polygon High Peak Tent for sale

The Polygon High Peak Tent for sale is built on the basis of the hexagon, octagon, decagon, and dodecagon tents. Polygon High peak also changes the ridge of the tent into a high peak. The tent frame uses hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy (6061/T6) and the roof cover uses PVC-coated polyester textile. It can resist up to 100km/hr in wind load. It is easy to assemble, dismantle, and store because of its small volume. The optional accessories include fireproof PVC side walls, ground anchor, weight plate, interior linen, plastic doors, ABS Side walls, transparent roof and side walls, cas...
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