Tent Rental in South Africa


Your event structures play a big role in the success of your special event. Knowing critical information about your tent rental company and the way they do business can help you choose a company that is compatible with your expectations and meets your event requirements.

Customer Satisfaction: History is not perfect, but is often a reliable predictor of the future, and if past customers are pleased with the job the tent rental company you are considering has done, you are more likely to be satisfied as well.

Request a complete list of all the projects the company has completed in the last six months that are similar to the event you are planning. Consider the number of guests, type of event, type of structures (frame tents, high peak tents, clear span structures) and location type. Ask for the event planners’ names and contact information. Call a significant number of these clients until you are comfortable with the responses you are receiving. Ask for specifics and take notes. You can review these later to identify recurring themes and issues.

Size and Condition of Inventory: Access to a large tent inventory means you can choose a tent based on the specific requirements of your event and not be persuaded to compromise based on a limited selection in the warehouse. Size is important but style can also be critical in making sure your fabric structure complements the traffic flow and audience viewing options, placement of tables, chairs, staging and additional equipment and the overall appearance you are trying to achieve. Choosing from a range of sizes in frame, high peak and clear span structures gives you additional planning and design flexibility. Having a large inventory is also great insurance for responding to the unexpected weather or man-made calamity that occasionally damages temporary fabric structures. You are much more likely to find a suitable replacement from a large tent inventory.

The condition of the tent leaves an immediate impression upon your guests and either enhances or detracts from the overall impact of your special event appearance. Ensuring your tent is clean and not in need of repair is as important as any decoration that you plan.

Request a detail of the tent rental company’s inventory in the size range you are looking for. Make sure they include specific sizes and styles of tents. Do they offer a good selection in all the tent styles you are considering? Ask them about their cleaning and repairing procedures and the quality assurance measures they employ. Most people are unwilling to admit to an absence of appropriate quality assurance processes but asking the questions will alert them to your concern and set the proper expectation.

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