Used Large Event Marquee for sale

If you need a big, temporary place for exhibitions or events, Liri-Marquee-Tent can provide you with a suitable tent that fits your needs. For outdoor areas up to 50 meters, we can set up frame tent structures that will not harm the ground and can be taken apart and recycled without interfering with your job efficiency.

The used event marquee is designed for exhibitions and commercial events. It measures 50 by 75 by 10 meters and has a modular, clear-span design. Tarps, ABS hard walls, or glass walls can be installed on both sides.

There are no intermediate pillars or supports inside, providing 95% usable and eco-friendly space. Customers can personalize with white, branded, or patterned tarps. Custom decorations, signs, fans, air conditioners, and more can be placed on either side of the tent. For extended use, the tent can have an 850 g/m2 blackout PVC roof to increase wind resistance.

Flexible Build Duration

Our event marquees come in three sizes: less than 50 meters, 50-100 meters, and more than 100 meters. Large events usually rent tents and leave planning, maintenance, installation, accessories, and recycling to the tent contractor. Rentals are based on a 7-day cycle, and longer periods have no restrictions.

The setup of portable frame tents is incredibly flexible, adapting to all types of terrain and environments. They can be easily assembled on flat, mountainous, or sandy areas. Additionally, their fast setup feature is impressive, saving significant time and allowing events to start earlier.

The mobile frame tent is advantageous due to its durable and robust construction, capable of resisting high winds and harsh weather, providing a secure shelter for its users. The tent’s resilient design ensures stability during inclement weather, ensuring the safety and security of its occupants.

The movable frame tent is perfect for outdoor activities, whether it’s a big public event or a small team activity. The tent can be easily set up with flexible installation methods and a quick process. It has a sturdy structure and is strong against wind, making it an excellent choice. You can find appropriate uses for it.

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  1. Really very handy temporary building. It has made many promotional meetings crowded at once.

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