Marquee For Party

Double Deck Dining Tent for Party

Large Outdoor Double Deck Dining Tent for Party (Provided by Liri Tent) Although we’re all about aluminium tent, we are very aware of the practical needs of events - specifically in this case of high class outdoor event or party involved catering and dining. we know that most caterers don’t like to cater in sloppy-sided tents and guest will not seated in a cheap marquee for dining . We’re also very aware that a catering&dining tent for high class outdoor event needs to rig quickly, to looking elegant, and to have a sensible price. Perhaps like this. Applications of Our double deck ...
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Transparent Catering Tent for Company Event

Huge Transparent Catering Tent for Company Outdoor Event (Provided by Liri Tent) As a big company, it is common to have lots of activities for your staff, like ground gathering dinner, free travel to some places, to encourage people. But those are small ones, it is always a tricky question for the HR or any department who is responsible to organize this kind of events However, our company, Liri Tent. a professional tent manufacturer company, has the perfect solutions for you. We have tents from 3m to 60m wide with unlimited and expandable length. You can add however long you want for y...
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200 People Party Sport Tent for Golf Sports with Nice Decoration

Product Description LiRi Big Tent For Golf Sports Tent New design and fashionable 1. Application: The sport tent can be widely used for all kinds of sprots, such as golf sport, water games sports, horse riding arena and sports tent are so flexible that it can also used for weddings, parties, exhibition, festivals celebrations, cafe shop, restaurants, corporate events, or other events, etc 2. Specification for the big tents BT series): For details, pls refer to below chart: Main frame profile size for BT series: 204X102X4mm Wind load: 80km/h Minimum tent length: In ord...
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