aluminum marquee tent

Aluminium Frame Marquee Tent For Outdoor Large Exhibitions

If you are looking for an inexpensive, fast-to-install, and ideally sized aluminium frame marquee for large exhibitions, outdoor conference events, or temporary outdoor shelters, you can't go wrong with Liri-tents frame marquee products. These marquees come in a variety of shapes and designs and are suitable for conferences, weddings, parties, and outdoor events. Our aluminium frame marquees will impress your guests, friends, and colleagues. (more…)
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The Advantages Of Large Sports Marquee Tents

What Are The Distinct Advantages Of Large Sports Marquee Tents Over Professional Sports Stadiums? As everyone becomes more health conscious, it has become a consensus for all to exercise. As a result, basketball courts, tennis balls, football pitches, and many other kinds of sports fields have proliferated. However, the hot weather in the summer and the thick snow conditions in the winter make it possible to use sports fields only 50% of the time each year. This is why flexible and fast sports marquee tents have emerged. And, at a very fast pace, they are covering many areas. In terms ...
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Hot Sale Arch Shape Two Story Tent from Liri Tent Manufacturer

Specification Of Arch Shape Two Story Tent Liri-tent high-quality Arcum Double Decker based on our arcum tent structure is a new design conformed with the structure principle of Double Decker. This Arch Shape Two Story Tent (Model: ADDS) is also made from a modular system like a traditional clear-span structure. The length can be extended by a 5m bay section without a limit and it is the same as the normal structures. ADDS Arcum shape model clear span which can be from 15m to 30m. The main profile is 300x120x5/8mm. Material Specification Of Arch Shape Two Story Tent Arcum Double Decker ...
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