Exhibition Marquee Rental for Large Exhibitions

What are the key tasks in preparing for a major exhibition? Determining the size, shape, and various equipment of a large exhibition marquee. The height of the marquee is usually 4m, with customized versions up to 8m. Whatever the size of the exhibition marquee, Liri-Tents is able to offer the perfect exhibition marquee rental solution.

We supply all kinds of exhibition marquees to different countries and regions around the world. We know the structure and we know how to help you. Exhibitions are usually open for periods ranging from 3 to 30 days and it is wise to choose marquee tent rental.

Exhibition Equipments Rental Services

The walls of the frame marquee are available in PVC fiber cloth, aluminum doors, glass doors, etc. These materials assist the organizer in setting up different ways of entrance for easy management.

The roof shape is crucial to the role of the frame marquees. A bent-pole roof can be used to prevent water accumulation on the roof, reduce frontal exposure to the sun and enhance internal air circulation. The weather conditions vary from region to region and the roof shape provides maximum protection for the life of the tent.

Examples include heavy rain and strong winds. In the rental service, the marquee manufacturer will always provide maintenance and security of the main body.

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