geodesic dome marquee

Large White Marquee Dome Tent

How to decorate a marquee dome tent? Considering the type of event and scenario, you can consider different decor styles such as business, luxury or speciality styles. For commercial outdoor events, it is vital to choose shades and decorations that match the theme. Decoration styles will vary for different sizes of marquee dome tents, such as 5 metres, 10 metres or even larger. White and green, for example, are suitable for dome tents for commercial events; while pink and blue are more suitable for wedding parties and themed events. For marquee dome tents under 20 metres, they belong t...
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25m Geodesic Dome Marquee For Projection

  A visual feast of fashion and aesthetics - the 2022 Beijing Fashion Week Design Show came to a perfect end. For the perfect visual experience, the organizers and Liri-Tents used the GDT 25m commercial dome building as the main building. The fashion trend of independent thinking never follows blindly, and only a commercial high-quality dome tent can achieve a stunning look and feel. Throughout the world of fashion shows, it is the stage design and dome projection that is the soul of fashion week. (more…)
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25m Geodesic Dome Marquee Tent For Circus Event

The different designs from the Geodesic Dome Marquee Supplier The clear span of our tents is from 3m to 80m and is available in A shapes, dome shapes, square pagoda shapes, gazebo tents, arcum shape tents, curve shape tents, double-decker structures, high peak conversions, hexagonal, octagonal, decagonal and more. We have the perfect temporary or permanent space solutions for all your outdoor events. Functions of geodesic dome marquee tent: Widely used as wedding marquee tent, event tent, party tent, festival tent, racing tent, sports tent, outdoor exhibition tent, trade show tent, ware...
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