Multiple Uses Of The Frame Marquee Tent

These three questions have always puzzled many sectors and commercial organizations. Until the advent of the frame marquee tent, which is suitable for a variety of situations, countless possibilities arose. Frame marquee tents provide open, unobstructed, and temporary spaces for most events.

The marquee tents offer great value for money. It is a new type of environmentally friendly construction. It can be erected and dismantled like “building blocks” and has no impact on the urban environment. At the same time, it is easy to approve, easy to dismantle, and easy to construct.

How To Quickly Expand The Number And Function Of Sports Stadiums?

Stadium marquee, as a new type of assembled marquee product, is favored by the majority of sports fans. It is a temporary building and can be erected without the need for cumbersome approval processes and related procedures prior to erection.

As long as the ground is relatively flat, even the roof of a building, it can be easily built; moreover, we can also add a basketball tent above the existing basketball court to save the trouble of re-setting the venue.

The gymnasium tent is made of safe and reliable aluminum alloy as the frame profile, which can resist 8-10 grade wind; the canopy is made of double-sided coated PVC knife-scraping fabric, which is sun-proof, flame retardant, and mold-proof. The foundation is mounted on a flat concrete floor using expansion screws and does not require a platform base.

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