TFS Curve Tent for Christmas

You might think that a tent for Christmas is an odd present in the cold of winter. But the pleasant spring months are just ahead. So if someone on your shopping list loves camping, find a great tent. It is a great gift for an entire family if they enjoy camping as a family outing.

Now that you decided that you want to but a tent for a Christmas present, it is important to find the right one that will meet the needs of your recipient. Here are some important considerations that you need to know before purchasing.

Size is probably the most important factor. How many people are going to be sleeping in the tent? Do not rely on the guidelines given in the descriptions. If the description says that it is designed to sleep four people, it most likely will handle two or three people. Look at the measurements carefully in the description. I suggest that you actually mark off the length and width on your floor or in the yard. See if it will comfortably sleep the number of people that will using the tent. Be sure to consider if they will be sleeping on air mattresses, cots, or sleeping bags. Also take into consideration whether the sides of the tent curve drastically or are more straight up. I suggest that you add at least two people to the number suggested unless you are buying a one or two man tent. Many people use it for activities other than sleeping. So make sure the height of the tent will accommodate these activities.

Next you need to know how often they will be using the tent. If the recipient is going to be using the tent more than once or twice a year, make sure the one you choose will hold up to the wear and tear of multiple uses. Some inexpensive tents are designed for only occasional uses. But don’t rely on price alone. Read how the tent is constructed, and if possible read reviews of previous owners.

When will they be using the tent. Most tents are designed to be three season tents. This means they are not designed for extreme winter conditions. There are some four season ones available, but they are obviously more expensive.

Next how will the person or people be using it. If it is for one or two people, they might like backpacking. Then the weight becomes an important factor. Even if it is a family tent, and it has to be carried very far, the weight is still a factor.

Finally, price is always a consideration for most people. How much to you have budgeted to spend on this Christmas present. Unfortunately because of the present economy, many are cutting back on their Christmas spending. If the tent that meets the above considerations is more than your budget, consider another gift. You don’t want to give them something that will not meet their needs. But as long as fits into your budget, giving a tent for Christmas present can be a great present that will be much appreciated.

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