Outdoor Event Tents


Event tents are ideal for people that are hosting large events such as weddings, banquets and many other social events. They can provide accommodations for large numbers of guests and provide an atmosphere that is luxurious and elegant. There is not always adequate room in homes for these events and this necessitates the consideration of an outside venue. This means considerations such as weather have to be taken into consideration. In such situations event tents are great choices as they are very versatile and adaptable. They can be sourced in many colors and sizes and come with many accessories to suit the occasion.

The cost of event tents may vary according to the size and the accessories. The majority of event tents are actually rented by individuals rather than purchased. These tents are very expensive to purchase for one time use and are therefore more commonly rented. The tents come with guarantees against mildew, water and sun. They can withstand most weather conditions but if the area is very windy heavier materials should be used as these will avoid problems.

10m width New Party Tent (2)

The event tents on the market today are modern and up to date structures that can come with appealing interiors and features such as air conditioning or heating depending on the weather conditions. These tents come mainly in two designs. The pole design uses a pole to hold up the canvas that makes up the tent. The frame tent uses a steel or aluminum frame to support the canvas. These tents are both commonly used dependent on the space requirements.

When deciding on event tents it is important to determine if the tent requires a lot of accessories as there are additional features such as lighting and many others that can be rented with the tent. If the occasion is a wedding items such as fancy lighting may be required and this incurs additional costs. If the occasion is smaller then this means that a tent that is not as fancy will be required and therefore the tent need not be as lavish but can be much simpler. The choice of the color of the tent is also determined by the event as well as the personal preference of the person holding the event. If a lot of space is required then the tent should be a frame tent as these are the best options as the entire covered area does not have any poles.

Ensure that any event tents that you rent are treated for fire retardation and are waterproofed. This makes sure that the tent can withstand any fire hazards and give sufficient time for exit. One of the best linings is a paraffin lining but this makes the material a bit heavier to handle.

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