25m Geodesic Dome Marquee For Projection


A visual feast of fashion and aesthetics – the 2022 Beijing Fashion Week Design Show came to a perfect end. For the perfect visual experience, the organizers and Liri-Tents used the GDT 25m commercial dome building as the main building.

The fashion trend of independent thinking never follows blindly, and only a commercial high-quality dome tent can achieve a stunning look and feel. Throughout the world of fashion shows, it is the stage design and dome projection that is the soul of fashion week.

The projection geodesic dome has a unique triangular grid structure that makes its huge spherical shape stable. Each structure tent is test-fitted several times at the factory before installation.

The tent fabric is not a single choice but can be custom-painted PVC knife-coated fiber fabric. The GDT 25m dome tent is designed with a black full blackout inner layer for better lighting effects. Combined with the gorgeous stage design and colored beams, the projection experience is both stylish and technologically immersive.

The hot temperatures still prevailed in China, and several multifunctional air conditioners were placed in the GDT 25m domed tent. The audience in different directions has a comfortable room temperature. The circular shape of the grandstand and stage makes it easier to drive the airflow in the room.

Liri-tents’ geodesic domes range from 3m to 60m in diameter. Large spherical tents are available in diameters of 10m and more. Mostly used in exhibition halls, museums, planetariums, etc.


4 thoughts on “25m Geodesic Dome Marquee For Projection

  1. What is a geodesic dome tent?
    Why do all luxury party weddings use geodesic dome tents?

  2. Can you show 25m geodesic dome tent price?
    Offering a cheaper way to hire a tent?

  3. large geodesic dome tent. What are the criteria for large geodesic dome tents? What size can it take?

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