Air Conditioner of Tent

More and more marquee tents are being used for various events. For example for exhibitions, conferences, catering, weddings, etc. However, it would be a terrible thing to be without air conditioning in the summer. Therefore, air conditioning has become one of the essential facilities and equipment for marquee tents.

There are four classifications of tent air conditioners: cabinet air conditioners, direct blow air conditioners, ducted air conditioners and integral air conditioners.

  • Straight Blowing Air Conditioner
  • Air Conditioner with Air-supply Pipe
  • Integral Air Conditioner

Due to cost considerations, cabinet air conditioners and direct-blow air conditioners are used most often. In recent years, with the improvement of mechanical technology, energy saving, and appearance, all-in-one air conditioners are gradually replacing the above two types.

What are the advantages of an Integral Air Conditioner?

  1. Integrated design, immediately working when power connected, transportation, and installation convenience.
  2. Can be installed inside or outside the room, which can meet different requirements of usage.
  3. Cooling air volume can be adjusted on three levels, high, medium & low.
  4. Cooling, heating, and dehumidification, and three functions combined into one.

Suppose your wedding marquee has objects such as chimneys and air ducts, would it be a big turn-off? However, the all-in-one air conditioner does not require air supply ducts such as ducts. We offer 10HP, 20HP, 30HP and 40HP units.

The cooling capacity of an all-in-one air conditioner far exceeds that of many 5HP domestic cabinet air conditioners. With a cooling capacity of 5000m2/H, several all-in-one air conditioners can be installed in a tent, reducing energy efficiency and waste.


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