How to do the site survey before setting up a tent

Site survey is to collect all relative informations according to the event’s requirements,including time of the event,location,number of guests,traffic situation around this area,weather forecast,etc.


Informations collected from the site survey will help with further communication with the event people,including communications with the tent rental company,honored guests,catering supplier,local government department and other suppliers. Site survey report is also very important record of the whole transaction.


Site survey should be operated by someone experienced and professional,he also needs to have experience of tent installation,usually it should be the sales manager or the project leader. The person in charge of site survey has to be very familiar with the customer,requirements of the event,and tent installation.
Detecting potential safety hazard is the main purpose of a site survey,including:
• Obstacles on and over the current site.
• Obstacles around the future site,like the fense,spring,trees,garden,etc.
• Weather situation,like the temperature,is it windy? Is it rainy? Is it snowy? Are there any natural shelter which can protect the tent and attendance of the event when strong wind comes?
• Is the ground condition suitable for installing a tent on it.
We should not ignore the significance of site survey because it is troublesome. A full site survey is supposed to be carried out before every tent installation,so that the event people can have a clear idea about all potential problems,and so that they can make necessary adjustments for a most suitable tent installation.

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