Large Industrial Tent Erection Time And Extension Capacity


For industrial-type factories, having a movable warehouse is an excellent tool that can regulate the pace of production and is an effective means of improving productivity. However, building a traditional warehouse building is time-consuming and costly to use, which is very unfavorable to fast-turnaround production efficiency. At this time, the industrial-type warehouse tent appeared. It not only has the characteristics of being fast, flexible, low cost, and safe, and can be freely adjusted to expand the warehouse needs.

Improve The Efficiency Of Large Industrial Tent Operations

Why warehouse tents can be expanded at any time? In fact, warehouse tents are a category of frame tents. The most important feature of this type of tent is the frame and modular assembly. Under the same platform, it extends infinitely by a length in multiples of 3m or 5m. This allows factory owners to freely adjust the size of industrial tents according to seasonal needs and geography.

How long does it take to erect an industrial storage tent? Compared to traditional construction, all parts of industrial storage tents are produced in advance and assembled and combined on-site. There is no need for foundation treatment, the approval process is simple, and it can be put into use after just building and decoration. Usually, it takes only 1 day to build a small warehouse tent of less than 500 square meters, and 3-5 days to build a large warehouse tent of more than 1000 square meters. For warehouse tents with ABS walls, the erection time will be extended.

Large tents or warehouse tents for sale can be converted into industrial tents. For example 20x60m / 30x80m / 25x100m etc. The cost can be further reduced by choosing a simple A-roof. This will reduce the inventory pressure of the product, speed up the production cycle and increase the scale efficiency.

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