Commercial Used Large Event Marquees


When you need a large temporary exhibition space, Liri-Marquee-Tent can provide you with a large tent of the right size and style. For open spaces up to 50 meters, we can install frame tent structures. It will not damage the terrain and supports quick dismantling and recycling after use, without affecting your work efficiency.

The 50mx75mx10m (WxLxH) clear-span modular marquee tent is designed for all kinds of exhibitions and commercial events. Small or medium-sized tents can be installed in just one day without a foundation. The top is covered with a double-layer PVC fiber cloth that is anti-wire, waterproof, and flame-retardant. Both sides can be installed with tarpaulin, ABS hard wall, glass wall, etc.

Inside it, no intermediate pillars or supports can be found. Provides you with 95% usable space and eco-friendly space. Customers can customize white tarps, branded tarps, and patterned tarps. Customized decorative advertisements, signs, ventilators, air conditioning units, etc. can be erected on both sides of the tent’s perimeter. Long-term use of the movable marquee tent can be covered with an 850 g/m2 blackout (opaque) PVC fabric roof, which can effectively enhance wind resistance.

Flexible vending options

What if you find that you don’t have enough space for your event? Our framed canopies use a modular design. Additional bays at 5m intervals can be added to meet your needs without removing the existing structure. Clearspan marquee can be used in a wide range of applications where large temporary spaces are needed, such as exhibitions, celebrations, temporary warehouses, etc.

The event marquee is divided by size into less than 50m, 50 to 100m, and more than 100m. Large events are generally rented to use the tent, and planning, maintenance, installation, accessories, and recycling are left to the tent contractor. Rental is done on a 7-day cycle, with longer periods being unrestricted. Even a warehouse tent will be rented for five years.

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  1. Really very handy temporary building. It has made many promotional meetings crowded at once.

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