Aluminum Frame Marquee For Sports Lounge

Sports activities can be avoided, but sports events cannot be avoided. What sports events cannot avoid, however, are Sports Frame Marquees .

If you’re looking for a variety of suitable frame marquees for a large outdoor sporting event, our wide selection is sure to please. The stability and practicality of these marquee products will win your confidence.

At large outdoor sporting events, frame marquees are widely used in many scenarios, such as temporary event areas, media areas, work areas, rest areas, and so on. The controllable size and flexible layout ability make the event site more organized and efficient.

Take the frame marquee for the athletes’ rest area in the case study. The sturdy aluminum frame and sun-shading PVC double-fiber fabric provide a sense of security. The surrounding curtains can be opened or closed in a variety of ways.

The biggest concern with frame marquees is the cost of using them, the rental cost. I cannot tell you exactly how much they cost, but it has to be cheap enough and cost effective.

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  1. I’m interested in your high-quality aluminum alloy party tents, but I have some questions about the specific dimensions and load-bearing capacity. Could you provide detailed product parameters and usage instructions?

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