The Advantages Of Large Sports Marquee Tents

40x70m big tent for basketball hall (2)

What Are The Distinct Advantages Of Large Sports Marquee Tents Over Professional Sports Stadiums?

As everyone becomes more health conscious, it has become a consensus for all to exercise. As a result, basketball courts, tennis balls, football pitches, and many other kinds of sports fields have proliferated. However, the hot weather in the summer and the thick snow conditions in the winter make it possible to use sports fields only 50% of the time each year. This is why flexible and fast sports marquee tents have emerged. And, at a very fast pace, they are covering many areas.

In terms of professional basketball arenas in the United States, there are only 29 of them in the entire country. This number is nowhere near enough for people to use. That’s why it’s important to quickly assemble a sports arena that is weatherproof and available all year round.

No Reason Not To Love Sport

Large professional basketball arenas often take years and huge amounts of money to build. Our sports arena marquee tents are produced and framed, the basketball court is installed, and the arena is operational in just one month. And at a tenth of the cost of a professional arena. The original open-air basketball court is protected by a marquee tent and can be used 24 hours a day, all year round.

What if I want to host a professional tournament when I have a venue for the training? City-level basketball tournaments can also be held in a marquee tent. This is because the marquee tent is a modular building. Equipment can be added as required, such as spectator stands, equipment rooms, public toilets, lighting, ventilators, etc. The transparent canopy uses direct sunlight during the day and overhead spotlights for lighting at night.

Inside the tent, you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite sports field.

Stadium Tent For Professional Competitions

This type of tent is not the same as a traditional tent. It uses a reinforced aluminum alloy as the frame material. It is robust enough to withstand winds of 8-10. Its covering material is made of double-sided coated PVC knife-scraped fabric, which is sun-proof, mold-proof, and fire-retardant. We also recommend that you keep an eye out for – translucent PVC fabric, which actually works better.

Usually, the course of a professional basketball game arena is very large and can accommodate around 10,000 people. And stadium tents can be made to such a large size. For example, 20x60m, 25x80m, and so on.

These tents are large structures and can be installed on concrete floors.

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