Arch Shape Two Storey Tent from Liri Tent Manufacture


There is no doubt that the double tent is the perfect design for high-end events. With 200% more space in the same area, it solves the problem of land constraints, and Liri-Tent is constantly seeking innovations in frame tent technology. Based on the “A” shaped Two Storey tent design, the top beam is bent into an arch shape. The unique arched structure is the perfect roof shape for a Two Storey tent.

Most of the time, the vaulted double tent provides VIP spectator stands only for the world’s top events (football, golf, equestrian, racing, etc.). This is when the attendees and staff on site have a high-level terrace with an open view. Media personnel in particular need an overhead camera angle.

In addition to this, Liri-Tent offers exclusive accessories for it. Examples include glass walls, glass doors, aluminum doors, flooring systems, air conditioning, staging, lighting, roof lining, and curtains.

5 thoughts on “Arch Shape Two Storey Tent from Liri Tent Manufacture

  1. The curved roof shape of the building is really rare, but so elegant. Just love it so much. May I ask what size this is?

  2. I’ve seen this building at the Australian Pro-Am, it’s very high end and is used for players to rest and the height is particularly good for them to observe the type of ground.

  3. This frame canopy tent is really impressive and can be built on almost any ground type.

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