10x30m Frame A-Top Marquee For Outdoor Event

Every business need deserves attention, especially to improve the way people entertain themselves.

10m clear span tent

The liri-tents engineering team creates any tent that can be designed for your private event. We have provided amazing tent products for various trade shows and party events. In addition, we also provide custom staging, flooring, walkways, lighting, signage, and more. Whenever you have a need, we make it happen.

Flexible, Reliable A-Top Frame Marquee

The Large Frame Clear Span Marquee can be set up and used normally on any outdoor terrain. The factory-prefabricated aluminum frame can be installed on-site in a matter of hours. It can be installed on either concrete or grass.

Industrial construction A-top marquees are simple and straightforward, with high wind resistance and long life, making them the most trusted type of tent. Fastest to erect, most flexible in size, and lowest rental cost.

A-top marquee tent can be installed on both sides: glass wall, fabric wall, aluminum door frame, etc. Outdoor restaurants, warehouses, sports events, churches, fairs, and other temporary scenes can be equipped with air conditioners, chandeliers, high-top tables, and other equipment to enhance the user experience.

30m clear span tent

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