10x30m Frame A-Top Marquee For Outdoor Event

The demand for outdoor recreation has increased dramatically in recent years. So, the demand for this business of large A-Top Event Marquees has also increased. It can drastically improve the way people entertain outdoors.

10m clear span tent

The liri-tents engineering team creates any tent that can be designed for your private event. We have provided amazing tent products for various trade shows and party events. In addition, we also provide custom staging, flooring, walkways, lighting, signage, and more. Whenever you have a need, we make it happen.

Flexible, Reliable A-Top Frame Marquee

Large-span tents are easy to set up and use, no matter what the outdoor terrain. The aluminum frame is pre-fabricated at the factory and takes only a few hours to install on-site. It stands stable whether on concrete or grass.

The A-Top Tent, with its simplicity, wind resistance, and longevity, is the tent you can trust. It’s fast to erect, flexible in size, and has the lowest rental cost.

Various accessories can be installed on both sides of the A-roof tent. For example, glass walls, cloth walls, aluminium alloy door frames, and so on. Whether it is an outdoor restaurant, warehouse, sports event, church, bazaar, or other temporary scenes, it can be equipped with air-conditioning, chandeliers, high tables, and other equipment, so that the user experience can be taken to the next level.

30m clear span tent

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  1. Hello, I would like to know if any special tools are required for installing this product. If so, could you please provide a detailed list of tools and inform me if they need to be purchased separately? Thank you.

  2. Hello, I would appreciate it if you could provide some high-resolution photos of this product to better understand its appearance and dimensions. Thank you.

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