Sports Double Deck Tent – Second Floor Observation Deck And Ballroom

Have you considered purchasing a portable double-deck tent for your trade show, party, or office? If you have a limited area but need more space, a double-deck tent is the perfect solution. Not only does it have twice the usable area, but it also has a higher viewing area.

The main frame (brackets and poles) is made of high-strength, hard-pressed aluminum, making it stronger and more resistant to wind. The standard range of double-deck tents is from 10m to 30m in width and up to 8m in height, with unlimited lengths (based on 5m spacing).

Double decker tent the upper layer structure main frame use high-strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6 with anodized surface, roof cover is 850g/m2 double-sided PVC coated polyester fabric, flame retardant according to DIN4102 B1, M2. The floor system is 28mm thick plywood, with the increasing material strength and self-weight of the whole structure, the ability wind resist and snow load capacity is better than a normal A-frame tent. The wind speed resistance is up to 100km/h(snow load is 0.5km/m2).

Double-decker tents have a wide range of accessories. Stairs, balconies, wooden floors, box floors, carpets, glass windows, ABS solid walls, and much more.

The Case of Double Decker Tents

It is very inconvenient to have to go through various government departments to get permission to hold a major sporting event in New Zealand. However, by using a bunk tent, much of the permitting work can be done. It is not a permanent, fixed concrete structure, but has the same temporary space and robustness as a building.

The double tent has inherent advantages for sporting events. First, it provides twice the space in a “small” venue area. Second, it is almost 100% utilized because there are no poles covering the inside. Guests on the second level have a higher and better view.

The double tent can be installed in the gymnasium without the need for pegs and holes in the ground. And it can be dismantled and removed within a few days without affecting the continued use of the playing field.

Usage Effect

Major sporting events place great importance on the playing field. Athletics, ball games, golf tournaments, etc., rely very differently on the central area. The aluminum double-decker tent can double the use area of the limited central area.

Its second floor is not only used for media center, but also for camera equipment control center, signal center, etc. It is used as a “lighthouse” for sporting events.

Its periphery can also be used to hang various advertising and sponsorship messages. We use a reinforced aluminum tent with fencing on all sides. It has up to 8 advertising walls in all directions. The economic benefits of a double-decker tent are fully met.

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