Transparent Tent for Wedding And Reception

If you use a tent’s creative freedom wisely, you can assure an environment that not only reflects your own aesthetic but also creates a sense of warm intimacy that would be difficult, if not impossible, in most banquet halls. And the direct proximity to the outdoors opens up an entirely new dynamic of atmosphere and social interaction, as individuals and small groups will wander out onto the surrounding property. It is all about the feeling.

What Will Happen To You?

About the whole tent idea, one of the good things is that you’re one step away from being outside. And another good thing about a tent reception is you go outside where there will always be people gathered on the lawn or in the woods. From a distance, at nighttime, the tent just glows, and there’s muffled music and voices. It’s got this really warm feeling.

Receptions are all about creating a sense of intimacy—the sense of space and place. If you’re inside a ballroom, you’re oblivious to what’s going on outside. There could be a tornado out there. And it’s the same static place no matter what is going on outside.

And if it rains? Well, bring it on! Many people would agree that there’s something romantic and cozy about being in a tent with the elements raging a few inches away. What better place to feel enclosed and protected than at your wedding?

People who are looking for a more formal event may not want to have it. They want to have their event in a grand ballroom. But for the people who are not hung up on that, I think that tents give them a lot of latitude in creating the kind of event that they want.

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