Quality Revival Church Tent For Outdoor Event

Heavy-duty revival tents are a big seller any time of year. Our church tents use high-strength aluminum support frames that last over 12 years. They can be disassembled when the Metropolis event is over, saving storage space. Of course, we also offer rental tents so you can use them as needed at a fraction of the cost.

Custome Size Of Church Tent

Different customers have different tent installation conditions, if you have any questions, you can leave a message. Customized revival tents with different capacities are easy to handle. For example, a 10x20m tent can hold 200 people and equipment, 20x40m tent can hold 600 people and equipment. 20x60m tent can easily hold 1000 people. Tents for more than 2,000 people are huge and we recommend measuring the ground pattern on site.

The height of the tent is a matter of caution. Most tents are only 4m high, we can provide 4-12m height. The higher the tent, the lower the wind resistance. Of course, the interior of the tent is very spacious and comfortable.

Materials Of Revival Church Tent

Our Revival Tent is constructed of rigid extruded 6061/T6 aluminum for the frame struts. The component joints are made of high-strength galvanized steel. The overall strength is very high. The theoretical wind load reaches 100km/h. The service life of the whole frame reaches more than 15 years. Meanwhile, thanks to the assembly process, the revival tent is very easy to install and dismantle.

As you can see from the case, there is no center pole and no shelter pole inside. A top sheet of heat-insulating and UV-protective PVC-coated polyester fabric. Flame retardant and light transmission are very good. White is the universal color and we offer printing solutions.

Accessories For Event Marquee

Some customers request accessories such as air conditioners, humidifiers, ceiling fans, and more. We can also provide molded tables and chairs. This allows the customer to use the revival tent quickly. For short-term use, consider renting. A professional rental company has more options. We can provide large tent equipment rental.

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