The Landscape on Diamond Field—Liri Tent Sponsor China Tennis Whole-heartedly

The race of China Women Tennis in this year was start on 27th,Men Race would also start today,all matches will end on October 5. September 29,2014,China tennis will enter the race on the third day. Wonderful games were pushed on as usual. The first game on diamond field will usher with Cilic who is the New America Tennis Champion and Bai Yan who is Chinese young pathbreaker participate in the competition with unofficial card. The second game will be expanded athletics by young Williams who is America Women Single Tennis Champion and Espinosa who is the finalist player in qualification race. The last game in day screenings will be leaded by two China local players Peng Shuai and Zhang Kai Lin.
Front races are going in full swing,rear tents which have been set up completely in advance surrounded in the stadium,formed another landscape for National Tennis Center diamond field.
As Chinese tennis tournament tents exclusive sponsor and suppliers,Liri Tent become the focus of China Tents Industry once again,to help China Tennis,supply logistical support services for China Tennis,admit all visitors. Liri Tent is the leading brand in China Tent,Liri products are always the trusted brand in China,has been one of world’s top five tent brands,integrity,quality,efficient and flexible service,won the praise of official from China Tennis.
Among the tents,Liri’s double decker tent for VIP restaurant,is the biggest bright spot for China Tennis Tents,caused the widespread attention from media. Double decker tents was divided into upper and lower levels,total area is 6600 square meters,the width of the tent is 30m,length is 110m,can accommodate 400 people while dining. Roof is thermo roof,100% block-out PVC fabric,PVDF,in addition to having the capability of anti-aging,UV assistant,flame-retardant,self-cleaning,mildew,but also have characteristics of insulation,thermal insulation. Tent structure is safe and secure,frame and connectors are aluminium profiles,never rust,the jointings are with great precision.
No matter what security checkpoint,ticket office,or medical service station,workstation and so on,it built a comfortable environment in the field or out of the field,both athletes and spectators can enjoy the game. Let the elegant white tents to help China Tennis free to fly.
China Tennis races are from 27th September to 5th October,during this period is National Day’s golden week,we believe your holidays will be very wonderful! Liri Tent is in Sponsored Showcase Site,has Interactive sessions,increase the fun for spectators in China Tennis. As long as scanning the code on site,pay close attention on Liri Wechat public number,can get a exquisite gift immediately,please stay attention.

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