Large White Marquee Dome Tent

How to decorate a marquee dome tent?

Considering the type of event and scenario, you can consider different decor styles such as business, luxury or speciality styles. For commercial outdoor events, it is vital to choose shades and decorations that match the theme. Decoration styles will vary for different sizes of marquee dome tents, such as 5 metres, 10 metres or even larger. White and green, for example, are suitable for dome tents for commercial events; while pink and blue are more suitable for wedding parties and themed events.

For marquee dome tents under 20 metres, they belong to small tents. People are always particularly creative with decorating small spaces. You can buy a variety of festive decorations from Amazon or supermarkets to add more colour and atmosphere to small spaces. In addition, arranging the stage, tables and chairs as well as hanging decorations can also be done as you wish to create a unique atmosphere.

How to buy a marquee dome tent at discount?

If you are looking for a portable dome tent for a commercial party, outdoor event or restaurant, please feel free to contact us. We manufacture over 100,000 dome tents and are able to mail them all over the globe. These tents feature sturdy structures, versatile PVC tarps, and aluminium windows and doors to meet most functional needs.

Our dome tent products can be recycled multiple times, are easy to move around, have replaceable tarps, and can be used to hang equipment and more. We supply dome tents wholesale at great prices. Additionally, we offer used event marquee tents that have the same attractive look and stable construction at very affordable prices.

You will find that choosing the right tent can make your exhibition, business event or wedding party even better. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to serve you.

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  1. We are searching for large framework tents suitable for a music festival. Please provide tents suitable for this scale along with pricing and installation/maintenance details. Additionally, please answer the following questions: a. Tent’s capacity b. Tent’s acoustics c. Tent’s set-up time d. Tent’s breakdown time

  2. Hello, we are looking for a large tent rental service for our upcoming event. Please provide your quotation and details.

  3. We are looking for a romantic and private tent venue for our upcoming wedding in February. We hope to use it on a weekend in the next month and can provide customized decoration and catering services. Please provide a quote that includes all the details, including setup, takedown, decoration, and catering services.

  4. We are planning to host a private dinner for our clients in December on a weekend. The venue is an open-air square in the city center. We require a medium-sized tent with internal decoration and lighting, as well as high-quality catering services. Please provide a detailed quote that includes all these requirements.

  5. Hello, I would like to know about the material and durability of your banquet and party tents. Could you share some user feedback for reference?

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