How Long To Build 1000 Square Feet of Marquee Tents?

As an important offline sales model, the choice of location and venue is particularly important for exhibitions and promotional outlets. The traditional exhibition hall has many shortcomings, the decoration is too old, the theme is not new enough, the location is relatively remote, etc. Now, the new exhibition hall is in a high-traffic area to build a frame exhibition hall tent, only a 1,000 square feet temporary exhibition hall can meet the demand.

So, how to quickly build 1000 square feet of exhibition hall tent? What factors affect the speed of setting up a large tent?

Related to the size, shape, and accessories of the marquee

The size of the marquee is the main factor that affects the erection speed, besides, the erection speed of different shapes of marquees is also different. A herringbone roof canopy is the easiest to build. Multi-arch, arch, and other shapes are slightly more complicated, and they will take more time to build. At the same time, canopy accessories are also one of the factors affecting the speed of erection. The optional configuration of the canopy is extremely rich, such as ABS hard wall, tempered glass, insulation cotton, high-power ventilation fan, central temperature control, etc. These additional configurations will also increase the erection time.


Since it is built outdoors, bad weather, such as rain, snow, strong wind, and other weather will hinder the site-building work, which needs no further explanation. If it is in the desert, soft mud and other bad geology build progress will be seriously hampered.

Related to the site conditions

Different fixing methods are needed for different grounds, which of course will also affect the speed of erection. When the ground is uneven, you also need to level the ground, which will also increase the time consumption. If your canopy is built on the roof, you need to use a crane for aerial work. Some places have restrictions on the time of crane access, which will undoubtedly extend the erection time.

Related to the erection team

For 25 years, we have been focusing on the business of developing, selling, and erecting large tents. Every project is undertaken by our installation team to ensure integrity and safety. 1000 sq. ft. and 10000 sq. ft. or more projects take 2 weeks from project to production, transportation, and site erection. This has surpassed the pre-work time of most of our peers and traditional exhibition halls.

To sum up, the erection time of a marquee is influenced by various factors and is not set in stone. It is affected by multiple factors such as canopy size, shape, accessories, weather, geology, team, transportation, etc. However, it is certain that a 1000 sq. ft. marquee can be erected in just one week under good conditions in all aspects.

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  1. We need to ensure that the tent doesn’t malfunction or sustain damage during the party. Could you talk about the advantages of party tents in terms of durability and reliability?

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