Custom Exhibition Marquees All Sizes For Trade Show

If you are looking for the ideal frame tent for a large exhibition, Liri-tents is sure to provide you with a satisfactory choice. Every venue is different and you can customize a frame tent from us to suit your needs. Whether it’s 10x20m, 16x30m, 20x50m, or larger, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Exhibition Marquees For Trade Show

Large exhibition marquees are A-roof clear span structures that can be customized in a variety of sizes from 10-60m. These are pre-produced in the canopy factory and shipped to the site for assembly and erection. Typically, 20×40 meter, 25×60 meter, and 50×70 meter tents can be installed in just a few days.

These frame tents are strong, durable, and beautiful enough to wow you. Whether it’s for a private party or a commercial event, amusement park theme, aisle tent, and more.

You can choose tent accessories according to the scale of your event, such as large air conditioners, ventilation fans, glass walls, ABS walls, sandwich panel walls, and other hardware. No matter which kind of exhibition, we will provide you with the most perfect frame tent solution for outdoor events.

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