Why Not Frame Tents —— Tents For Sporting Events


In recent years, this phenomenon is less common, and instead, it is held in large tents. As you can see, the NBA, golf, tennis, equestrian, and other high-end sports competitions have chosen to be held in frame tents.

Replacement Of Stadiums With Frame Tents

The real reason: it is too expensive to use traditional large stadiums and arenas. Starting from the planning stage, booking the stadium, and paying a large deposit. Many uncontrollable factors during the period: such as weather, politics, postponement, etc. The implementation phase of equipment move-in, staff pre-show, external promotion, etc. The months-long wait is too risky.

The longest time from planning to program implementation is only 1 month. In the end, all the costs are only one-half of the traditional stadium costs. This is an absolute advantage.

When watching sports games, have you noticed double-decker tents, pagoda tents, mini-pagoda tents, A-top frame tents, or multiple shapes of tents at the same time? The different shapes of tents can be divided according to area and function. For example, a medium-sized tent in the lounge or equipment room, a large tent in the audience area, a double tent in the media room, etc.

We know structures and have 25years of experience in using large tents for different sports competitions and events. Successfully providing canopy solutions for big events, big competitions, wedding banquets, and parties all over the world.

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