Large Event Tent A-Top, Mini Pagoda, Polygon For Food Festival


A large, orderly, and colourful food festival is always a pleasure to attend. Different types of food and plenty of entertainment are on offer, as well as a wide range of tents, large and small, on site. liri-tents provide a wide range of framed tents of different shapes, themes, and sizes for the different fairs each year.

Temporary venue space for large festivals

On the grounds, the large A-top tents are used most frequently, followed by the mini pagoda tents, and the best-looking polygonal clear tents. Some A-top tents provide small event spaces and resting spaces for visitors, while others provide indoor venues for commercial pavilions. Mini pagoda tents are used for small booths, security booths, and equipment rooms. Food festival officials cleverly used different shapes of tents to distinguish different functions.

Temporary space for large events is often a struggle for planning teams. There are no easy venue arrangements and explicit event guidelines available, almost none. And such events remain in a period of uncertainty during the planning and big tent set-up.

A colorful temporary space

The first impression many visitors get is that this is a large tent. Within this space, perhaps a single trader or multiple food traders are using one space at the same time. It is easy for visitors to quickly locate the food of interest, such as the beer section, the Turkish food section, the snack section, and so on. Avoid excess movement and clutter in the park.

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