Custom Events Dome Marquee Tents

The structure and installation effect of dome marquee tents have been introduced in previous articles. This time we look at the installation effect of the white dome marquee tent in the grass.

Business in the great outdoors is enjoyable and relaxing. While events in the city must adapt to surfaces such as grass, buffalo dirt, marble, etc., frame marquee tents have no restrictions on the ground environment.

There are times when city events have only 7 days lead time from planning to start. Fortunately, even 25m frame marquee tent can be set up in as little as 12 hours or overnight. Businesses can have more time to decorate the space.

Accommodating 200 people is not the same as 500 people in an event space. dome marquee tents support size customization. they are customized from 10-100 meters in size. Small parties and restaurants can be customized up to 20 meters, while luxury business meetings are 100 meters.

In fact, the Geodesic dome tents offers an interior space without center columns. Ground and air, the entire tent has 99% usable space. Pink weddings, luxury meetings and music parties can all be held inside the tent.

We will recommend you the Geodesic dome tents rental plan, which is more cost-effective program. We will use high quality aluminum alloy frame and PVC canvas, some accessories will be added according to your requirements.

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