Commercial Frame Tent For Outdoor Basketball Court

The commercial basketball court tent is an ideal solution for commercial plaza forecourts for various occasions such as exhibitions, car shows, basketball games, etc. Through proper site planning and use, this tent can enhance both economic efficiency and user goodwill. Of course, we also have used frame marquee for sale.

The frame tent made of sturdy aluminum profiles is especially popular for outdoor events. It provides a spacious and comfortable space with a white PVC tarpaulin covering the top, which effectively reflects sunlight and enhances the internal light source. The surrounding fence can be covered with advertising panels to quickly attract attention. This new aluminum frame tent is very popular in mall plaza forecourts and the complete, unobstructed space fits well with the needs of businesses.

Why Are Outdoor Frame Tents So Popular?

Liri-tents offers a wide variety of exotic-looking frame tents. Whether it’s a street basketball game, a 1000-person soccer game, or a large professional event tent. These tents can be used for different occasions such as trade shows, festivals, sports events, etc.

Another advantage of frame tents is the modular design, which can be quickly changed to use the site and purpose. Frame tent will not cause significant damage to the ground structure, on the contrary, it also has the characteristics of a green environment. The installation process does not generate much noise and usually takes only one day.

Frame tents are also great commodities for tent factories. Not only are they easy to store and transport, but they are also relatively inexpensive. This is especially true for used frame tents. It is often a third of the price of a new frame tent.

Commercial frame tents only take half a day to replace the floor or ground environment. If you have a size requirement, book a part with us to increase the size. This is why frame tents are so popular for outdoor events.

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  1. “Could you explain the process of setting up and taking down the event tent?”

  2. Hello, I would like to know if the warranty of this product covers repair and maintenance. If so, could you please specify the warranty period? Thank you.

  3. Hello, we are looking for a canopy tent that matches the wedding theme, suitable for outdoor weddings. Could you provide some suitable products and quotations?

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