Sports Event Marquee For The 2022 Beijing Marathon

The 2022 Beijing Marathon, with the slogan “Run for a Happy Life”, was held in Beijing on 7 November. This year, the event with the theme of love for sport attracted tens of thousands of marathon enthusiasts. Beijing Marathon officials have a long-standing relationship with Liri-tents. On this occasion, Liri-tents provided temporary space solutions for sports event marquee.

Flexible Set-Up, Choose The Marquee Shape According To The Function Of The Area

In October, Liri-tents arranged for 50 workers to work on the tents to ensure the successful completion of the sports event tents for the Beijing Marathon. There were a variety of tents on site for different purposes, including security, equipment, meeting rooms, staff lounges, and changing rooms. Among them, there are three 20m clear span tents, the meeting room, lounge and changing rooms. They provide comfortable and spacious temporary spaces for participants and staff.

The zoning and crowd management for large events is crucial and we have used different shapes of tents to differentiate them. For example, safety canopies, aisle spikes, A-top changing room tents, aluminum parlor tents, and many more. One of these is the aluminium canopy with its excellent sound and thermal insulation, designed for the reception of VIPs. The tent eaves feature banner advertising space to create better outdoor advertising.

The modular marquee tents can be freely assembled and flexibly combined. As a result, changing rooms and staff lounges have been arranged for the Beijing Marathon.

The modular tent is versatile, quick to install, produces no construction waste, and does not damage the surrounding environment. It has clear advantages in terms of time and cost and addresses the urgent need for temporary space for large sporting events.

Modular tents for large sporting events

I’m sure you’ve discovered a secret – it’s that sports event tents can be used for all sporting disciplines. Outdoor events have a hard need for temporary space that provides a temporary shelter for the participants. Today, the best way to achieve this is through modular tents.

Subtle tent features might be insulation, ventilation, wind resistance, longevity, luxury decoration, and more. We have 25 years of experience in providing modular tents of different shapes and functions for our target customers.

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  1. As a marathon enthusiast, I have been running marathons for many years. Unfortunately have not yet participated in the Beijing Marathon. China’s marathons are held on too large a scale, aren’t they? These sporting event marquee are really good.

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