Tent Flooring System

Liri Tent wood flooring is laid on an aluminum alloy beam,to ensure floor leveling and load-bearing. The wood flooring with its modular structure has a floor length of 2.5m and 1.25m wide. Its waterproof plywood has a thickness of 21 mm. The wood floor weight is 60kg and the color is that of a natural wood grain.

The wood floor structure:
-Tents wooden floor load-bearing ground beam: special aluminum alloy profiles,rust-free,beautiful,and no deformation.
-Tents wooden floor with double-sided coated waterproof plywood: decorative wood layer wear fire board and embossing,and has good moisture-slip effect.
-Tents wooden flooring edging around the aluminum extrusions: beautiful and durable without deformation.

Currently,Liri Tent has three kinds of wooden floor:
The first one is plain flooring: its easy to assemble and its more economic.
The second one is plain cassette flooring: its modular and also easy to assemble,which looks fashion and high-end. It is anti skid and can be installed on the uneven ground.
The third one is VIP cassette flooring: its the top-end flooring system which adopts aluminum frame in the middle. Putting on the aluminum beam,it can ensure the flat ground and the load bearing.
Whats more,we also offer the wooden floor for stage,and can customize the flooring system according to different demands of our customers.

Tent Flooring System



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