30x35m Frame Marquee For Tournament Bracket

30x35m frame marquee

The Event Frame Marquee provides an exceptional viewing experience for street basketball spectators. Imagine an exciting basketball game taking place on a golf course, surrounded by lush greenery, all under the protection of the Event Frame Marquee.

This 30x35m Frame Marquee is designed to adapt to any terrain, whether flat or undulating, and can be quickly set up to provide a sturdy viewing platform for the game. The Event Frame Canopy is covered with a PVC fiber fabric that allows natural light to flood the arena softly. This keeps the interior cool and allows spectators to watch the game comfortably.

To make the experience even better, we can fit a large high-definition screen and a high-quality sound system inside. These devices broadcast matches in real-time and show highlights, replays, and live interactions, making you feel as if you are in the center of the game.

Frame Marquee For Tournament Bracket

Additionally, there are various convenience facilities under the 30x35m Marquee tent, such as food and beverage stalls and rest areas, to cater to your different needs. This allows you to enjoy the game while also relaxing your body and mind. The special areas, such as the family area and VIP area, are set up to help you find the best spot to watch the game.

After the game, our professional installation and recycling services ensure the venue is tidy and recovered, leaving you worry-free. The Event Frame Marquee is a flexible, comfortable, and convenient choice for street basketball events, providing you with an unforgettable viewing experience.

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