Large Marquee Tent For Trade Exhibition

Recently, with the recovery of the global economy, exhibitions in various industries are in full swing. Exhibitions with different attendance numbers require frame marquee tents of different sizes. As a customizable assembly, they are available in lengths from 10m to 100m and heights from 6m to 14m. At the same time, they have a wide range of external equipment to better meet the needs of each exhibition.

Safety and stability are the basic requirements for these huge exhibition marquee tents. They are supported by high-strength aluminum poles and are not covered by any pillars in the central interior area. This allows the trade fair planner to plan all booths and functional areas in advance. Different colored carpets and top areas are used to mark the trade fair areas, such as the exhibition area, the equipment area, the management area, and so on.

Participating companies set up their booths according to their own characteristics, attracting visitors to come in and talk to them, and ultimately leading to orders. After the short exhibition, the frame marquee tents are quickly dismantled. In fact, a reliable manufacturer of frame tents can restore the terrain in just two days.

In addition to A-roof tents, to meet the ever-changing pursuits of trade show planners, we also offer a wide selection of frame marquees with curved roofs, flat roofs, spherical shapes, and other styles. Even customized tents such as polygonal and 10,000-person tents are also available. We endeavor to manufacture frame tents that satisfy different scenarios, crowds, and equipment.

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