Large Exhibition Marquee For Outdoor Tadeshow

Our specially designed large exhibition marquee tent is a fast-to-install, robust, and flexible tent product. It is erected using heavy-duty aluminum supports and can be installed in 10,000 square meters in a week. It is widely used for various outdoor exhibitions and as a sales showroom, exhibition, restaurant, and inspection aisle.

Inside the large marquee tents, functional areas can be easily divided, such as the main area, equipment rooms, temporary toilets, and rest areas. We are also equipped with lighting, air-conditioning, billboards, stage a wide range of tent accessories to meet your needs.

We offer our customers programs with different rental cycles. Short-term rentals can be from one week to three months, and long-term rentals can even be up to three years. Depending on the size of the tent, we also offer discounted rates. If needed, we also offer used tents at prices even less than a third or less of the price of a new tent.

In addition to A-roof tents, you can also choose from curved roofs, air-top roof items, dome roofs, and other styles of frame marquee tents. We are a professional marquee tent manufacturer, offering tents to accommodate 100-10,000 people. We strive to produce frame tents that meet the needs of different scenarios, people, and equipment.

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  1. When setting up and taking down the tent, we hope to save time and manpower. What are the advantages of party tents in this regard?

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