Temporary warehouse tent hall for sale



According to the economical systems acceleration, and what dose it require of saving time, efforts and cost, in addition to

the world directing to the green building, LIRI TENT has developed the new concept of the PVC warehouses, to take the look

of our mobile halls such like diamond, smart, golden, pyramid halls and many others of one floor and double decker solutions

to be the best solutions of storing the products, airplanes shading in the airports and shopping centers.




Because of our edge, which is providing up to 70 meters length without any mid column, our warehouse solutions enable the clients

to use the maximum space of the halls.




Warehouses and hangers, where they can be equipped with a wide range of luxurious accessories such as satin curtains, covers and

chandelier lighting. They can also be equipped with different capacity air conditioning units depending upon the size of the hall in addition

to luxurious carpeting for the floors.

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